Monday, May 7, 2012

Pen With Gift Box


Pen Caddy

RM 12.00

Lighting Pen

RM 2.00

Wood Pencil Case

RM 7.00

Gift Box



RM 22.00

Chocolate Gift

RM 18.00

Rose Basket

RM 5.50


RM 60.00


RM 20.00

Button Clip

RM 1.50

Present Paper Wrap

RM 0.80

Coin Box

RM 8.00

Greeting Card

RM 1.50


RM 6.00


RM 10.00

Tie Clip

RM 3.50


RM 25.00


RM 7.00

Key Chain

RM 2.00

Teddy Bear

RM 16.00

Music Box

RM 10.50


RM 5.00

Company Background

Thousand Gift Shop is a specialty gift boutique located in Management And Science University (MSU) located at Shah Alam Selangor.  We specialize in an assortment of high-quality merchandise ranging from customized business cards, gift, present, cloth, greeting cards and others to personalized apparel and home accents. Thousand Gift offer to middle-to-upper class and affluent clients. Our company image exemplifies what customers are seeking in home accents and gifts which is a "Modern & Urban Life Style" look and feel. What differentiates our company from other specialty retail shops are the printing services we offer, our "one-of-a-kind" product line and a number of exclusive, proprietary products we designed ourselves.
Before Thousand Gift Grand Opening we will have established a company website.